Your Drivers are often first on scene. Do they know what to do?

1.Assess 2.Secure 3.Act 4.Communicate 5.Repeat

1.Assess 2.Secure 3.Act 4.Communicate 5.Repeat

This is our methodology;   1.Assess 2.Secure 3.Act 4.Communicate 5.Repeat.

It’s important to have processes, no matter what the job at hand. Processes keep us focused on the task, keep us safe from any unexpected/hidden risks and bring about the best outcomes. When we are in our everyday work world we follow processes (or should) so the job gets done correctly.

So when we come across an ‘out of the ordinary’ situation in the course of our day a process is even more important. We need to slow down and make sure the job gets done right for the safety of all concerned and the best outcome possible.

This is never more important than in an incident that involves someones health, ie, an injury or accident. Truck drivers, by the very nature of the time they spend on the roads, are many times more likely to come across vehicle crashes than most. And crashes present many and varied dangers, many of which are not obvious in the heat of the moment!

If you or one of your drivers was first on scene to this incident, do you have a process to follow? You MUST keep yourself safe and that means thinking clearly through your processes.

This is why we developed our methodology. Something simple to integrate with standard First Aid procedures for the Truck Driver first on scene.

Over the next few posts we will expand on this process/methodology to help you gain an understanding of how and why it works.

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