Your Drivers are often first on scene. Do they know what to do?

Step 2 – Secure

Step 2 – Secure

This next step in the protocol is Step 2 – Secure. This step will be taken only after you have considered and enacted Step 1 – Assess and the main objective we are looking for when we Secure is the safety of the site. As long as it doesn’t pose a threat to you or

Step 1 – Assess

When the unthinkable and unimaginable unfolds right in front of you, such as a catastrophic vehicle crash, a range of emotions and thoughts flood through your body and mind. How we manage these thoughts and emotions in that moment will determine what will roll out over the next few minutes, sometimes hours, possibly the rest

1.Assess 2.Secure 3.Act 4.Communicate 5.Repeat

This is our methodology;   1.Assess 2.Secure 3.Act 4.Communicate 5.Repeat. It’s important to have processes, no matter what the job at hand. Processes keep us focused on the task, keep us safe from any unexpected/hidden risks and bring about the best outcomes. When we are in our everyday work world we follow processes (or should) so